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Marc Ryan, host of "Green Health Live" on TheStream.tv, interviewed me for his show on June 16, 2008.
Quote from the show page: "Learn about drug free options and techniques that you can use to relax your body and relieve your body and mind of the pain that many of us live with daily."

Total Relaxation on The EMBODI-CLOUDTM


The EMBODI-CLOUDTM is a precise total-body support system that lets you experience maximum comfort with minimum effort. Passively, you can release tension, relieve structural pain and re-energize in just 20 minutes. It feels like you are floating on a cloud! By centering all the joints of the skeleton while grounding your whole body, muscles relax and energy flows. The sense of peace you feel from CLOUDING carries into your daily life the more you do it on a regular basis. You will sleep better, work more efficiently and play more joyously. The EMBODI-CLOUDTM is self-therapeutic and it can enhance most body/mind modalities, especially the EMBODI-MOVESTM.

The EMBODI-CLOUDTM was created by R. Grant Ramey. The CLOUD is a total-body supine support system. It helps re-create the open and relaxed form your body assumes when it is underwater, thus, you can experience a similar sense of weightlessness. However, while CLOUDING you stay dressed and dry. In addition, you get the benefit of being grounded by contact on the soles of your feet and heart -- connected by balls touching the palms of your hands. Easily and quickly, you can let go of stress, tension, aches/pains, fatigue, thinking, agitation, restlessness and scatteredness, and settle into relief, relaxation, comfort, repose, meditation, stillness and wholeness.

The EMBODI-CLOUDTM total-body support system is a place to be in sacred human geometry for relaxation and/or meditation. The foundation mat is thin enough for portability yet offers resiliant support for the torso and pelvis. There are 4 head/neck heights to keep the face level. The knees are elevated at 3 possible heights to release the low back and align the hips with the option of a lumbar support. The soles of the feet are grounded and achilles heels cushioned. Most importantly the arms are extended, sloped, and angled forward to relax the shoulders and open the torso/breathing. Uniquely valuable is the sphereical contact of the hands with 3 diffent sized foam balls that seems to complete a circuit with the heart. It is made from cotton fabric, CFC-free foam, and hypoallegenic polyester filling. The Cloud fits anyone from 5' to 6'6" by simple adjustments that stay in place once set up. The whole system weighs about 15 pounds and packs to 23" x 18" x 28". There is an optional waterproof nylon carrying/ground cloth and an armboard so the EMBODI-CLOUDTM can be placed on massage tables or beds.

Cloud: $500
Cover with Strap: $80
Arm Board: $60
Leg Board: $20

For a more complete description on the use and value of the EMBODI-CLOUDTM>
see the draft from an article printed in AHP Perspective, April/May 2002:

"I felt the effect right away, like I was floating, grounded and being massaged all at once."

"I can quiet my mind quickly and get back to work with energy and creativity."

"As I relaxed, I began to breath more easily and feel instead of remaining numb."
"It rejuvenates me, stops my PMS and backache. It strengthens my posture and walking."

"I bought it for total relaxation at home in a short time. It costs a lot less than most therapies and achieves the same thing."

"My body had so many pains I used it every day for 4 years. My body completely changed."
R. Grant Ramey, PhDc founded Embodiment in 1982. The prelude to this teaching began one day when Grant, at age 26, was on the beach reflecting on the pleasure of surfing. In an instant all the stress and pain in his body he had been denying was revealed. For relief, Grant knew he needed to change the way he moved through life. He let go of vigorous exercise and practiced many somatic methods, such as Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, and Awareness Through Movement. Grant got bodywork, became a certified Rolfer, and then finally found the most effective practice: The Form. However, none of these methods fully released his body constrictions. Grant realized, for true ease of movement, he had to begin from totally relaxed stillness. He discovered the ideal body position for rapid relaxation and hence invented the EMBODI-CLOUDTM.

Being on the Cloud, Grant felt relief from stress and pain, deep relaxation and rest, leading to renewed energy all within 20 minutes. Over time he began to embody this natural structural alignment. From the relaxed stillness on the Cloud, Grant felt the urge to practice movement again. This time he chose to move with the humility of not knowing how, like a baby. All he knew is that he would move slowly and consciously in a way that did not create any more stress or pain. At first he needed the support of Grounding Moves. As time went by Grant needed less outer support as he developed inner support. Successively, Grant was able to do Sitting moves, Standing Moves, Walking Moves, and finally springing off the earth in Running Moves. That was the origin of the EMBODI-MOVESTM.

With more natural form and flow in his body, Grant began to recognize a deeper level of stress and pain emotionally and mentally. This compelled him to seek help and was fortunate enough to be guided to a somatic psychotherapist. Upon experiencing a profound inner love, Grant left therapy and enrolled in the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute where he was conferred a M.A. in Somatic Psychology (currently a Ph.D. candidate).

Grant knows that the journey of life in a body with a mind is ultimately about the embodiment of spiritual love and truth. His most valuable spiritual growth has come from teachings without any cultural trappings or rituals. Grant now has renewed pleasure in surfing the waves of the ocean and of life.

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